The Homeschool Notebook: Unit/Monthly

This notebook is temporarily unavailable. I will have it back up as soon as possible!

The Homeschool Notebook by Mama’s Notebooks provides you with a convenient and efficient way to lay out unit or monthly school plans. Each customizeable planning chart faces a calendar so that you can map out what you are doing and then plan out when you are going to do it. Included is 15 month/unit planning pages.

The rear section of the notebook has space for you to plan out schedules, chores and routines, track field trips, list resources and activities, keep wish lists, recap and brainstorm for next year—all in one notebook!

This notebook is great for homeschoolers doing unit plans, whole month plans, eclectic homeschooling, and people schooling several little ones at once. It is a great way to plan and supplement a standard curriculum with extra subjects and activities.

These notebooks are for sale here.

Pictures of the Customizeable Planning Chart and Facing Calendar
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Pictures of the Planner Chart with Subjects and Facing Calendar
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Pictures of Rear Pages
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Note: The cover colors are distorted in the webstore. When you buy a notebook, the cover will look like the picture on this page, not the picture on the webstore page.