Thursday, January 15, 2015

Yarn Along: A Hero and a Hat

We are in the midst of packing so there hasn't been a lot of knitting or reading going on here, but there has been some!

I am currently reading Bergoglio's List. It is about how Pope Francis saved people from torture and death during the the Argentine "time of sequestration," when a military dictatorship terrorized its people. This book is a very personal read for me, and not just because I am Catholic and love the Holy Father.

When I was in college, I spent a summer in Argentina working in a very poor and dangerous neighborhood. It was a time of immense personal and spiritual growth for me. I lived with a family, worked with children, and learned about the country's history and the people's identity. In Argentina I found my heart and I loved every joyful, painful, challenging moment of it.

Learning about the country's history necessarily meant learning about the time of sequestration. A generation was nearly wiped out. People disappeared in droves. There was no justice, citizens were treated like animals and most could not escape it. The mothers of the dead still circle the center Buenos Aires in protest. I have seen thier faces. They do not know where their children are and it is likely that they never will. Mass graves have been found but many were thrown into the sea, never to be recovered.

The common perception when I was there was that the Catholic Church was in support of the military government during this horrible time. Naturally, the thought that this might be true has made me very sad. I have been holding out hope that there was more to the story than I had originally heard.

Enter Bergoglio's Report. This book is written by a journalist and definitely reads that way. He has does good research and gives an accurate report of the political time. However, this reporter focuses in on the Catholic Church.

There is good news in this book. It turns out that the bishops of Argentina publicly denounced the actions of the military dictatorship. In addition, brave Jesuits, like Pope Francis, saved people from the military government. This book collects the stories of some of the people that he saved. He did the work of Christ, quietly and successfully in an almost impossible situation!

As for knitting, I finished a cable hat for myself. I finally managed to make myself a hat that fits both when my hair is up and down and doesn't pop off of my head constantly. Victory!


I will be sharing this on Small Things and Frontier Dreams.



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