Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Yarn Along: Two Little Sweaters



My needles have been busy these last few weeks knitting for sweet little baby boys that are cropping up in our family. The first sweater and bonnet are three month size. My husband picked out the buttons and I just adore them! The second sweater and hat is a premie set. It came out well but I don't know if I would use the pattern again. It had no provision for armpits and the yoke was a little bunched.

I made my first dishcloth this week. It was fun to get something done so quickly and the cloth actually worked really well for cleaning my dishes. I had never tried one before and I am so impressed! More are on the way.

The Jesse Tree came together in time and the children and I are really enjoying going through salvation history together. I'm using the Fr. Lovasick Children's Bible and I really appreciate how he has a little paragraph tying each old testament story back to the coming of Christ. It is perfect for the Jesse Tree!

I finished the Dickens novel that I have been reading, Little Dorrit, and I loved it. His characters are so wonderful and funny but not in a goofy way. Reading a Dickens novel is truly enjoyable for me. THey are history, virtue, and good literature all in one package!

I am now on to reading Green Dolphin Street by Elizabeth Goudge, not to be confused with another novel of similar title, On Green Dolphin Street. Green Dolphin Street is a complex love story and deals heavily with beliefs about eternal life. There are a lot of characters vying for first place with their theories and my opinion of the novel will depend heavily on who wins. I will find out in 150 pages!

Though I have found the story compelling thus far, I am not a huge fan of her style. It seems to me that she goes just a little bit too long in her descriptions and has too many breaks and sub-sections. While that is a bit trying, it doesn't outweigh the fact that she actually does write good descriptions and characters. So far it has been worth the read.

I will be sharing this on Small Things and Frontier Dreams.







  1. I like the sweater/hat sets. Those babies are going to look so warm and cute snuggled in their sweaters!

  2. I always enjoy your Yarn Along posts. I love that blue sweater and the buttons are adorable!

    1. Thank you, Tacy! There is nothing like a good button :-)

  3. Your husband did a great job picking out the buttons! What a cute combo!


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