Friday, December 19, 2014

Yarn Along: Snow Flakes!

I have started to crochet my annual snowflake. I make some for our tree every year and we all love the little tradition that it has become. I picked a floral motif this year (each year is different). It only has three rounds but it is difficult to keep even. I have had to really pay attention to my gauge and am learning a lot despite the simplicity of the pattern!

I finished Green Dolphin Street by Elizabeth Goudge. I think that it was worth the read: enjoyable, thought provoking, and an interesting historical period. But I am not satisfied with it. I think she tried to make a good point about self-sacrificing love but missed the mark. I don't like deception and one of the main characters used it frequently. I didn't believe the ending as a result. I thought that the characters also did not give their hearts fully to their vocations, they gave their lives but not their whole selves. Though it was good food for thought, I found the particular way in which that played out disturbing. I'd say that the book was "ok."

I'm still juggling around what to read next. My book club is reading Evelyn Waugh this month and I am very excited about it! The question right now is whether or not to sneak in a Jane Austen first.

Have a Blessed Christmas Everyone!

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