Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Yarn Along: Preparations

I finished the little blue bonnet for my nephew. I also did the button band for the matching sweater. Now to dig around for some nice buttons! I liked the sweater pattern (from 60 Quick Baby Knits) but it has the armpit finishing done with kitchener stitch. I can do that but I find it much easier to bind off and do mattress stitch for that kind of finishing. I'll be marking my book for next time!

I am also working on a winter hat for myself because I don't have one. A white hat with a simple cable pattern is what I picked. Hopefully that one will go quickly because it is getting really cold in our little valley.

I am nearing the end of my Jesse Tree ornaments, just in time for Advent. There are a lot more do-overs on these sheets but no matter! I love the creative process and don't generally mind starting again. The only one that I am not quite satisfied with is the John the Baptist ornament. It is the one with a shell pouring water into a river. No one seems to be able to tell what it is :-). I'm waiting for a better idea to come to me.

Reading has been fun. I read some Flannery O'Connor: Parker's Back, Everything that Rises Must Converge, and The Lame Shall Enter First. I love her but I can only read a few of her stories at a time. They are so intense and thought provoking, I just have to chew on them a little.

This Flannery stint was inspired by a professor that I was talking to about her obsession with revelation. I wanted to go back and see it for myself. He suggested Parker's Back, which was excellent. But I was more taken by The Lame Shall Enter First. It was strikingly relevant to what goes on right now. And it is so interesting how her crazy, messed up characters kind of turn the table on you by knowing more of the truth than the normal seeming ones. So much to chew on!

I also read, The American Frugal Housewife, recommended by Shannon and free for Kindle on amazon. It is a book about keeping house economically, written in 1832. Not necessarily a country house, but everything is home made so it goes along well with all of the homesteading things that I love. I was fascinated by the recipes and there is a lot of sound advice for the home & family in there.

Now I'm on to Little Dorrit by Dickens. I kind of fell into reading it by accident and I am so glad that I did! Dickens has such a way with descriptive writing, I find it a joy to read. That is saying a lot, as I do not enjoy most people's desriptive writing, probably due to lack of patience on my part.

The satire in Little Dorrit is hilarious and the characters vivid and lovable. After reading so many novels from that century by women this year, I am finding reading a love story written by a man interesting and refreshing. I love every character and am looking forward to following their story for the next few weeks!


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  1. I am so very happy you linked up to KCCO! I have your notebooks and they are AMAZING and really helping me with my organization :) Your Jesse Tree ornaments are beautiful. Every year I say I am going to make my own and then never do :( I need to aim for next year to finally get it done. This year we will just have to use some print outs again ;)

    1. I am so glad that the notebooks are helpful to you!


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