Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Yarn Along: Collars and Crops

My little sweater is almost done! I just have to finish up the collar and do the finishing. Slow and steady... I am pleased with it and love how the cabled yoke worked out. I had to tweak the pattern as I went along and I sure learned a lot. I found the yoke fun to knit, but I always did love decreases.

I am also creating a set of Jesse Tree ornaments for my family as pictured above. I am no great artist but I love to draw. I am excited to be able to create the symbols the way that I want them for my kids. I sure am looking forward to advent!

For reading I have been focusing on The Vegetable Gardener's Bible by Edward C Smith (the book I mentioned last time is on pause). I am working on planning next year's garden and am thrilled to delve back into his book. The book covers so much so concisely and has great science in it. He bases his system on what the roots of plants need and in the process gets more plants into smaller, easy to maintain spaces. His suggestions for dealing with pests are all natural too. This book is chock full of good ideas and I can't wait to build my first green bean teepee!

I will be sharing this on Small Things and Frontier Dreams.


  1. Your ornaments are wonderful! Your sweater is so cute! and probably the 2nd greatest book for the home! :)

  2. Lovely sweater! I love the cabling :) Very sweet ornaments as well


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