Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Yarn Along: Hand Warmers and Heartache

I finished the little bonnet that I was knitting. I'm pleased with it and can't wait to send it off to the wee one that I made it for.

Now I'm on to fair isle handwarmers. This is the first time that I've designed something fair isle and I'm finding it to be a good challenge. In fact, I had an original design that I loved but created loops inside that were way too large so I had to rip it and re-design. Things like that used to bother me a lot but now I just saw it as a challenge to attaining a new skill, one that I really want. 

I also started a crochet sunhat, another a pattern that I'm designing. I'm working out the kinks in the patterns and I'm enjoying the change of pace that crochet affords. It is nice to have an easier project to go alongside the fair isle!

This week, I read North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell, twice. This is the first time that I have ever wanted to do that with a book. The story honestly blew me away. Not just the love story, all of the rich subject matter and how she weaved it all together fascinated me. 

It's true that North and South is a lot like Pride and Prejudice, which I also love. But in this novel (spoiler alert!), the love story is part of a greater human struggle. And when all is set to rights at the end, the love story has worked to better the society that it is going on in.

I loved the balanced perspective of the novel. It deals with the industrial revolution in England and is honest about the problems withe both the powers as well as the working class/union. She shows how both levels of society weren't really looking at each other as human and how good it was for that to change.

At first, I was tortured about how long it took the love story to get resolved. Because, well, I'm a romantic :-) and my heart ached for them. But the growth, the path of humility that I saw both taking on my second read, was invaluable. I love this pair, the imperfect hero and heroine that humble themselves and are finally able to love and appreciate one another as they should!

If you haven't read North and South, I highly recommend it as a must-read. In fact, I'm tempted to go and read it again....

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