Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Yarn Along: Cables and Chickens

We've been pretty sick for the last few weeks and are just beginning to get back on our feet. I read quite a few short things, my favorite of which was Love Among Chickens: A Story of the Haps and Mishaps on an English Chicken Farm by PG Wodehouse. It was very funny and after reading some darker things, I needed funny!

While I was sick, I mostly worked on my scrap afghan. Then I started in on designing and making some cable hand warmers. I'm trying to knit my stash down and that yarn was just calling to me. I had the cable itch and needed a gift so I did some design work. It was wonderful and the yarn is proving to be so relaxing to knit with.

If there is enough yarn left, I plan on making a matching tam following Ann Budd's pattern. I have never made a tam before, and I'd love to, so here's hoping that the yarn holds out!

I am sharing this at Small Things and Frontier Dreams.


  1. Your scrapghan is looking nice! Such pretty yarn you are using for the hand warmers. So inspiring...

  2. I love your scrapghan, so colourful. And your hand warmers look like they'll be lovely and snuggly

  3. Pretty yarn for your hand warmers.

  4. So far I am loving the look of your handwarmers, can't wait to see them finished. The scrapghan looks like it is coming along great though I cringe a little when there are so many ends to weave in, lol.

  5. A scrap afghan! Clearly I don't move in enough knitting circles, because I've never heard of doing this. An obvious project, though, now that you mention it... :)


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