Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Yarn Along: Scrap Afghan, Shrapnel, and Supplication

This week I needed some simple, fun knitting so I did some work on my scrap afghan. The more I work on this project, the more I love it! Choosing a new color from my scrap sack and then adding it on makes it a growing piece of art, unpredictable and interesting.

I finished reading One of Ours. Willa Cather is one of the most versatile and gifted writers that I have ever read and she's moving toward being my favorite. I know I said that I didn't like the characters but the main character, Claude, unexpectedly grew on me. I also grew to respect him as he grew to respect himself. I guess that it was supposed to be that way.

The novel itself was crafted beautifully. She captured so many layers of the story of The Great War,  it's the best picture of it that I have ever gotten. She helped me to understand the heart of the people at that time. The war was so human and personal, the hope and pain so real.

Plus the book had one of the best last lines that I've ever read, "Mrs. Wheeler always feels that God is near, - but Mahailey is not troubled by any knowledge of interstellar space, and for her He is nearer still, - directly overhead, not so very far above the kitchen stove." When you know the characters, you'll think it's perfect.

I have also been using a little book to prepare for total consecration to Mary. I was just going to print everything off of the internet but it has been great to have a book in hand, much more prayerful. I am so pleased with how easy the book is to use. It's straightforward, just the preparatory materials that St. Louis De Montfort recommended, nothing extra or complicated. I probably would never be able to finish if it included a lot of extras!

In other news:

I published a recipe on Real Housekeeping this week.

The Homeschool Notebook should be launching within a week!

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  1. Your Scrappy Blanket is wonderful. I love the pattern you are using. I have a scrappy blanket too, but mine is just rows of garter stitch.

    1. Thank you! The garter stitch blanket sounds cozy.

  2. Great scrappy blanket. I keep wanting to do one with my sock yarn scraps but have not started it yet. I'm hoping I can work on it a bit over the summer.

    1. Thank you! Sock yarn sounds great. I admire your patience, I do most things with worsted right now :-)

  3. I am very interested in the Consecration. Can you email more info.?

  4. The idea of a scrap blanket really appeals to me. I am always reminding of the projects I knit when I dip into my leftovers box but they would be so much more useful in blanket format.


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