Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Yarn Along: Gloves, Family Life, and Dignity

I am working on developing a new notebook this week so I haven't had as much knitting or reading time as usual. I still made some progress on the black short finger gloves (My husband is posing with them in front of one of our awesome lone star chairs). I should be able to finish the last thumb today and then only remains to sew in all of those loose ends...I will make a simple matching hat as well.

My husband and I are deep into The Story of a Family, soaking in all of the details of the Martin family life and getting lots of inspiration for how we can improve ours.

I have continued to read Cranford and read Questa Grande Vostra Adunata as well.  I didn't make it to the discussion group that I read the latter for, but I loved re-reading it. It dovetails perfectly with JP II's writings on the dignity of women. It's lovely to have that kind of affirmation in the midst of a busy mom week!

And, I just found out that a dear friend with 3 boys, who had thought another boy was coming, is having a girl. I'm so excited, let the knitting begin!