Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Yarn Along: Persuasion, An Afghan, and Our Lady

After finishing Emma, I wanted more Jane Austen so I am reading Persuasion. I actually think that I have neglected to read it up until now. I like the characters a lot less than those in Emma and so I am interested in the novel in a more objective sense; not being too attached to the characters makes me notice her craft better. I love seeing how expertly she writes and weaves everything together. I am genuinely curious about how she is going to craft the ending too. I am at the half point and there are so many possibilities. Jane Austen is a true master!

My husband and I are reading True Devotion to The Blessed Virgin together and we love it. I read half of it for RCIA, over 5 years ago, and it was elemental in my conversion. I am loving reading it with my husband. He reads aloud while I knit, one of our favorite evening activities. We're on the part where De Montfort talks of Mary preparing our souls to be offered to God, beautiful!

I have finally found something to do with all of my scraps! After looking at several patterns, I settled on the Stained Glass Mitered Afghan. I love the pattern because you can knit the squares as you go and weave in the ends as you go, no collecting and joining a million little squares. Also, I love stained glass and I happened to have black yarn sitting around to tie it all together.

I have done finishing on most of my snowflakes and only have a few more to go! I love doing this every year and can't wait to hang ours when we decorate our tree on Christmas Eve.